GentleCool Series | BreezeIN Air Conditioner FMA-27I4HD/DVO / FMA-27I4HD/DVO / FMA-18I3HD/DVO

From 4x$624 with
From 6x$416 with
  • FreshIN+

  • Sleep Mode

  • 4 Way Airflow

  • Gentle Breeze

  • Fast Cooling

  • 4 Step Auto Clean

Size: System 2 (TAC-12+TAC-09)

System 2 (TAC-12+TAC-09)
System 2 (TAC-18+TAC-12)
System 3 (TAC-12+TAC-09+TAC-09)
System 3 (TAC-18+TAC-09+TAC-09)
System 3 (TAC-18+TAC-12+TAC-09)
System 4 (TAC-18+TAC-09+TAC-09+TAC-09)
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    With fewer parts and screws, assembly becomes more user-friendly. The full buckle design eliminates the need for screws. For the 20'' model, disassembly and assembly have increased assembly efficiency by 9.4%.

    Easy Disassembly and Cleaning

    Cleaning and disassembling an air
    conditioner is not as complicated as
    imagined, and it can be completed in three steps.

    Fast Installation

    π design supporter allows the BreezeIN to hang on and move easily for installation.
    To free the hands of installer and help them finish the work fast.

    Easy Maintenance & Quick Replacement of PCB

    To replace the PCB, simply follow these three steps: open the front panel, remove the PCB box cover, and take out the PCB for replacement.

    4-Step Self-Cleaning

    From dewing, frosting, sterilizing to drying. Deep Clean utilizes water molecules in the air to clean away dust, dirt, and other impurities. The auto program is efficient, easy, and a superior way to enjoy cleaner air - just click the button.

    30 secs Fast Cooling, 60 secs Fast Heating

    Experience rapid cooling as coils reach 18°C within 30 seconds, and enjoy a cozy atmosphere with coils reaching up to 40°C within 60 seconds. The inverter compressor operates at an exceptionally high frequency to maximize output capacity, ensuring that upon returning home from scorching or freezing temperatures outside, the cooling or warm airflow will be set to your desired comfort level.

    Gentle Breeze Cooling without Direct Wind

    Air Flow Comparison

    Other Brand vs TCL

    Soft And Comfortable Wind with Gentle Breeze Blades & Micro Holes

    6-in-1 Filter System

    The comprehensive 6-in-1 filter system comprises a silver ion filter, active carbon filter, catechin filter, photocatalyst filter, anti-dust static filter, and vitamin C filter, effectively shielding against bacteria.

    Compliant to Either R32

    R32 is a low GWP refrigerant that offers a high cooling capacity and energy efficiency.

    Compatible with Google Home & Alexa

    Upgrade your home to a truly smart ecosystem with our smart BreezeIN AC. Connect it to your smart TV, smartphone, or Alexa soundbar through TCL HOME or Google Assistant for hands-free voice control & convenient remote control. Take charge of your comfort with effortless convenience and complete control at your fingertips.
    *Connected with smart TV, smartphone or Alexa soundbar via TCL HOME or Google Assistant. *Features, specs and certifications vary by model and region.

    Self-diagnosis And Refrigerant Leakage Reminder

    Enjoy peace of mind with our AC's built-in self-check feature! It proactively
    identifies potential issues, including refrigerant leaks, and notifies you with
    a code displayed on the control panel. Furthermore, receive real-time
    notifications directly to your phone. Rest assured knowing that our AC

    Smart Filter Blockage Reminder

    Our air conditioner keeps you informed on filter cleanliness. When the filter is
    full, the AC displays "CL" and sends a reminder through TCL Home app.

    Minimalism Design

    Enjoy minimalistic design that seamlessly fits any room with our air conditioner

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