A Quantum Leap in Display

Welcome to TV of the future. LED has been revolutionized, with the addition of billions of Quantum Dot nanocrystals.
Your pure, ultra high definition TV is filtered through a layer of QD, enhancing the vibrancy of images – for an industry leading color palette and brightness.

Infinite Colors

Elevate your entertainment experience, and enjoy accurate colors that are more bright and vivid.
TCL QLED TVs are crammed with cutting-edge hardwares and industry leading technologies, delivering next-level optics.

More Than a Billion Colors

What lies in front of you is a TV illustrating a wider palette of colors. Just like witnessing the world of colors through a kaleidoscope.

Wide Viewing Angle

TCL QLED TV reduces glare and maintains color at any angle, which means you can see consistently detailed picture from every seat in the house.

60,000 Hours without Color Fading

The purity of TCL QLED TV color is 58.3% higher than that of the traditional TV.
Color can last for 60,000 hours long without fading, which leads to smooth, natural and real color presentation through 4K precision pixels.

4K Real and Immersive Experience

4K UHD resolution can display the tiny details in the scene and provide multi-level depth of field experience.
For example, the texture of buildings, plant branches and leaves, animal hair and other highly hierarchical images.

Mini LED Meets Quantum Dot

Pure, ultra-high definition TV is filtered through a layer of over a billion Quantum Dot nanocrystals.
A combination of leading technologies improves brightness, reaches higher contrast, and achieves superior color precision

Precise Contrast Control

Display has been revolutionized with full array Mini LED. Incredible resolution is delivered by an increased number of independent pixel-sized LED light sources; Each one precisely controlled to deliver deeper blacks, more brilliant brightness, and greater contrast.

The Extreme White & Black

Thousands of contrast control zones work in concert to create infinite dimensions of contrast and pull you deeper into the details of white and black.

AiPQ Processor Get Better Picture Quality and Color

A new quad-core processor optimizes overall hardware and software performance, enhancing the entertaining experience.


Take your cinema-like experience further by bilions of Quantum Dot nanocrystals.


Catch every chance to win the game-react before anyone with a super high 144Hz refresh rate.


Create the perfect space to dive into action games with no tearing and stuttering.