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TCL C845 MiniLED 全圆形电视
Sold: 45
Available: 55
TCL P735 4K HDR 谷歌电视
Sold: 50
Available: 50

TCL P735 4K HDR 谷歌电视

QD-Mini LED 游戏显示器 R83Q
Sold: 37
Available: 63

9 features of TCL picture technology

*Feature, specs vary by model, screen size and region.

Thousands of Local Dimming Zones

Highly Customized for every frame.

Based on the latest TCL Mini LED technology, a screen is finely divided into up to 2000 local dimming zones. Each zone is activated solely to correct and balance the backlight and image based on input signals, ensuring that each frame can show superior light and shadow details at any time.

Up to 2000 nits Peak Brightness

See the light of real world

2000 nits ultra-high peak brightness ensures that TCL Mini LED could show the brightness effect of almost all luminous and reflective objects into detail, so that you can insight the most real and delicate world through TCL TV.

Real 144Hz FPS

Ultra high refresh rate brings ultea silky image

Born to be proud. Real 144Hz displays provide better resolution for crisper visuals. Run, race, and shoot your way to a speedy victory without zigzagging, tearing, or blurring.

Dynamic a Technology

Say no to overexposure and blooming

TCL Dynamic a Technology detects the image state of each local dimming zone at any given time, preventing overexposure in high brightness and reducing blooming in low brightness. Cozy Viewing is always on.

Dark Scene Optimisation

Capture the precedented detail in the dark.

With the ultra-high contrast of TCL Mini LED, you can see details you've never seen before in dark scenes from now, such. asenemies hiding in the shadows when gaming or murals in dark caves when movie viewing. All we do is to give you the pleasure of viewing and gaming from a higher dimension.

Quantum Dot

More than a billion colors

TCL Mini LED TV can display a broader range of colors up to 97% DCI-P3 standard and 100% color volume with latest Quantum Dot technology. It's like peering into a kaleidoscope and exploring an endless world of colors.